Friday 30 January 2009

Plenty More Fish

I've just read Dan's blog and it would appear that somebody in her life is being a bit of a twit with her. Reading between the lines I am assuming it's her fella. Now, I quite like him - which is a bit of a result - as any parent of any daughter will know that anybody who turns up without a white horse and a huge fairytale castle isn't quite going to make the grade...(Christian - please note! - you will need that information in due course for Alice and Amelia), however I'm not going to be enamoured with somebody who isn't treating my Princess properly - am I? Dan is a very level headed girl - easy going - and she puts up with a lot! So for her to express her frustration on her blog means that she is well and truly pissed off!!!

So here's a message for her - and for anybody else out there who is frustrated with their significant other. (This information is reproduced by kind permission of her Dad who told it to me about six months ago).

There are about 60 million people in the UK. Half of them are male. Let's say a third of them are married, that leaves 20 Million menfolk. Imagine that 3/4 of them are too old or too young for you. We're now down to 5 million. Let's say that only 5% of them live within your geographical area - that's 250,000. (For Dan at 19 - her geographical area should be within 30 miles of where she lives - as you get older your area increases - 45 year old women are prepared to go as far as 400 miles for a decent bloke!) Let's say half of them are complete mingers - the type you wouldn't touch with somebody else's barge pole! That leaves 125,000. 

If we're being really picky and we have a long tick list - let's discount 80 % of those - that then leaves us a grand total of 25,000 blokes that she could possibly search through to find a boyfriend. I think she might just find a few dates amongst that lot don't you?

So - the moral of the story is this - at 19 - when you're as fab as she is - and her boyfriend is treating her in a crap way - GO OUT AND FIND ANOTHER ONE  - who will treat you like the Princess Shiny Diamond that you are xx

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