Wednesday 7 January 2009

Sad Sad Sad

Today I heard some very sad news. A lovely rogue-ish gentleman that I used to work for is very poorly with end stage cancer. I worked for this man for about two years - and I wouldn't say that his business dealings were all that straight! They weren't exactly bent either - more 'curved'!  That would probably be the most polite way of putting it! When I worked for him we used to spend most of every day laughing in a very childish way at something or other. He was the best fun to be around. He's a lovely guy with a great sense of humour - and a very old fashioned sense of honour.
Whenever I think of him a big smile comes across my face - I just can't help it - it's how he makes me feel. He's far too young and far too nice to be leaving us.

I am extremely sad.

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