Wednesday 7 January 2009


Today I had three deliveries. How very exciting!! I love it when a big white van tootles down our drive and a man with a parcel knocks on my door (is it just me or does that sound like a line from a 'Carry on...' film?'eer Missus!! ).

Anyway the deliveries were expected as I have been a good girl for not smoking - but then discovered that my usual coffee didn't have enough 'bite' (changing taste buds?) - so as a reward I have been treated to a Nespresso machine!!! It's very cool as gadgets go - easy to use (which is good as I have already lost the manual) and makes very good coffee - it has a milk
frother - but you need full fat milk to get the best 'foamy' effect. So far I've had about 5 cups and am feeling a bit twitchy and hyper :) 

The second delivery was a lovely bunch of cream roses - especially for Princess Shiny Diamond from a lovely gentleman (aaah - how we adore the romantic gestures).

Lastly - my third delivery - now how do I tell you about this product in a delicate manner? The simple answer is that I can't - so if you really want to know what the third delivery was I think you'd better 'phone and ask me!!!

All in all a good day for me and 'stuff' I think!!!

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