Friday 16 January 2009


So....what's been happening?  Well I've been a tad busy this week as I have finally found some paid work to do - at last! It's very nice to be back in the land of 'those who earn a living' as this means that 'those who re-possess' won't be knocking any time soon!!! (Phew!) I have to admit to becoming a bit bored of late - too much time and not enough to do is often a recipe for trouble as far as I'm concerned....I have a tendency to pick at things and over-analyse!!! (Who? you? never!)

Sadly my Grandmother died - I have many happy childhood memories of her - so a trip up north next week for her funeral at the beginning of next week - sad :(

Today I'm off for the weekend which should be fab - it includes a trip to the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday to see this which I'm very excited about - and the rest of the weekend will involve spending time with some lovely people, which is always a pleasure. There will be nice food, some wine (hopefully), great conversation and much much more!

I have also spent time with friends this week - which is always a great pleasure. I am blessed with having more than my fair share of lovely friends and I love to see them. Last night I was given some very good advice from a dear friend and I shall be acting upon that advice today!

Oh yes - I also ordered some books from Amazon yesterday - including  a copy of this which is a truly lovely tale - a great life book - if you have a spare few hours - I suggest you read it!

That's all for now .........

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