Tuesday 20 January 2009

Contemplating my navel

Not really - not my navel - let's face it - that's not a very interesting thing to contemplate is it? Maybe a bit of fluff in there from time to time - but there has to be far more interesting things to think about - wouldn't you say?

We (I mean the royal 'we') are in the process of contemplation though. A funeral will usually do that for me. Makes you think hard about your own life and where it's going?  what's happening?, how you would like it to be (in an ideal world - and wouldn't we all like to live in one of those?), what's working and what's not working?  and how it actually is at the present time.

I have written my bucket list - but that doesn't really work for the day-to-day stuff - those things are okay for odd moments of sheer delight, and fanciful goals which keep you going when the ceiling is crashing in - but the Monday to Sunday stuff is a tad more mundane - don't you think?

So what's important in the middle of a dull, chilly, damp January (which has to be the crappest month of the year - let's hear it for April, May June and July!)

Hmmm - more fluff - contemplation happening..........

1. Health - Look after it wisely - you never know when you may need it!! Eat well, sleep enough, exercise - and have a few drinks!
2. Wealth - Interesting concept - is it money? or is it a feeling?
3. Friends - The good ones can be counted on the fingers of one hand. They come and go, but there's always more to be met. Always be your own best friend.
4. Lovers - Find one that treats you well. Never short change yourself. Allow them to treat you like a Princess Shiny Diamond - and love them equally in return. Make sure they have respect, honour and integrity...at least some of the time - and always remember - nobody is perfect - all of the time!
5. Animals - a certain requirement for me - calming, loyal, loving, friendly,and comforting. Spending time with animals keeps me grounded (somewhat!)
6. Laughter - totally important - a 'must-have' for every day. As many times as possible - and the first person to laugh at - before anyone else - is yourself. Only laugh at others if they would share the joke with you.
7. Understand that life is fluid and it changes constantly. What feels bad today may well be gone tomorrow. Likewise - what feels good today - may also be gone. Celebrate the good and work on the bad - but nothing stays the same - and that's a good thing - a very good thing! Never despair and think that 'this is it for life'. It won't be.
8. Love - surround yourself with it in all its forms and manifestations. Receive it from others gratefully, and never take it for granted - but - first and foremost - look in the mirror and be totally loving towards yourself. When somebody tells you that they love you - say 'Thank-you". It's the very best gift. Tell yourself 'I Love you' at least ten times each and every day, and if you have Children - or a significant other - or a parent - or a dear friend - tell them too. They may not be here to tell next week.
9. Be grateful for all that you have. We are lucky to have our freedom, the freedom to say what we think, to believe what we believe - to go where we go and to do what we do. We have choices and options. Many do not. Be grateful for that.
10. Finally - when all around you is falling apart and you think you can't take any more - eat a massive cream bun, drink a glass of gin and have an early night. Things always look better in the morning.

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