Sunday 10 April 2011

A man with nice shoes....

I have a few quirks. (you don't say). One of them is nice shoes. I love, love, love a nice pair of shoes. I own a few very nice pairs myself - and when I meet new people one of the first thing I look at is their shoes. I am looking for style, elegance - and nicely clean. 

When we were kids we all had to keep our shoes clean - and I always knew when my dad was headed out for the evening because he would polish his shoes. Then - of course - my time in Her Maj's Army  re-inforced the highly polished shoes thing. If I go on a date and the chap is wearing crappy or dirty or ugly shoes - well - it just doesn't work for me. 

Fifi knows this quirk of mine - and whilst out the other evening she sent me this picture. She spotted the chap on my behalf - just from the ankle down.

She gave him my phone number - and the resulting phone call this afternoon has resulted in a dinner date for Wednesday.

I have no idea what he looks like - but I do like his shoes. So we're off to a good start then....

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