Sunday 10 April 2011

Ugly shoes

How sad is this? Yesterday Dan and I went to the walking shop to purchase some sandals. Yes -the sandals in the picture.  I now look like a vegetarian. Well - my feet do. The rest of me is still a healthy colour and not at all pale and thin and insipid and weak - so I don't EXACTLY look like a vegetarian - but you get my drift?

I know the sandals are ugly...but they're so comfy - and practical too. And necessary. For my diving career I require shoes that I can put on and off very quickly. Shoes that sand won't that salt water won't attack - and shoes that I can walk over rough terrain in (some of these beach dives require a hike across rocks and the like to reach the desired entry point...)

I never thought I would purchase anything quite so practical - or unattractive. But - when you get to my age - practicality means a lot. 

I will save my sexy high-heel FM shoes for when I go out in the warm balmy Maltese evenings. 

By the way - they were cheap because I have small feet and therefore bought them from the kiddies section of the shop :)

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