Wednesday 13 April 2011

A Gran with a Van

Yesterday was fun. The lovely Fifi-la-Trix called to pick me up at lunchtime to wander off with the hounds for a stroll and then go get some nice lunch. She text me in the morning to say she had a vehicle. I sold my little green pea last week in preparation for the 'running away to Malta' project - and Fifi has been without a little car of her own for a few weeks. This has not been a problem as I have legs - and can walk to hers for our daily constitutional. The distance is 3.7 miles - and on Monday I walked that distance twice - there and back - plus the dog walk of just over a mile or so - in the middle. Douglas Bader would have beaten me in a jig by bedtime.

So to get the call to say she had wheels was a delightful surprise. (It doesn't take a lot these days).

When she turned up - I howled with glee. Her vehicle is a white van. Not a big white van of the 'man with van' type - but a nice little van / estate that an electrician would drive. In fact an electrician did drive it at some point because the sign-writing was still on the side. Also - inside the vehicle there were fuses, and wire clipper, and a few stubby pencils - just right for behind the ear.

We have probably never been so excited. As we drove off from my house I couldn't resist telling her that this time next year we will be millionaires.

I love Fifi x

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