Sunday 10 April 2011

Health update....

Just in case you were wondering - and I know for a fact that the lovely Ali B in London was - I got my ECG results back from the quack's the other day. You don't need to rush out and buy a black outfit ...a) because I'm not going to die and b) because if I was I wouldn't want you wearing black at my funeral (bright colours and cheerful faces only please)...

Reassuringly - my heart is normal for a woman of my age...that is to say normal to say it's been broken a few a bit ragged around the edges...and has probably had its fair share of aching...but in all the ways that matter - it's doing okay.

The blood tests were normal also - no poison running through my veins - no ice - no green stuff - nope - all healthy and blood red and flowing sweetly - and after midnight - I never drink more of it than my fair share.

So - that's all good then. Still have to stay on the Beta blockers for the time being - and as a result I sometimes get painful fingers - but I much prefer that to having god-awful crippling vomity migraines. 

Had a bit of a debate with the Quack because I will need a 6 month supply before I jet off in a few weeks -- and their rule is only to prescribe for 3 months maximum...however - he wasn't totally averse to persuasion and as I left I could see that he was buckling under the pressure...

I will - of course - keep you informed.

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