Wednesday 27 April 2011

Busy busy busy

Ooooh - I have been busy. Getting rid of stuff and packing other stuff. Today Fiona and I managed to dismantle my dining room table and then load it into her van...without a strapping man in sight. It involved a spanner and some great strength. Tomorrow we have to do the same with the coffee table and the sofa!

Millie went to her new home this afternoon...but I will see her again because she's gone to live with special friends, so when I return to these shores I will be able to visit her...but it feels really odd without her in the house...I do miss her little face. Dan went back to Uni yesterday after four weeks at home - so the house really does feel empty.

I've got my brothers and my Mum coming for a chinky take-away tomorrow - the Friday is the Royal wedding - which means champagne breakfast at Bill's, and then elevenses at Fi's...then out for the last supper with Jayne in the evening. Then - Saturday comes - and I will be boarding the flight and going elsewhere. I am sad and excited all at the same odd is that?

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