Friday 6 May 2011

Meet the team

Well this is the team that I am working with. So far they seem to be nice people. The tall guy in the yellow t shirt is called John, the girl is called George, and the other young man is called Reinhardt. He's from don't say??? He's very nice actually...lovely manners and very helpful.

I've done about 9 dives this week already and assisted George in teaching an open water course. It's a laugh a minute at work - I have to deal with sexist comments all day long and ribald jokes from the men folk...mind you - it's nothing I can't handle - and I've been giving as good as I get :)

It's lots and lots of fun - and I am having a ball. The guys never stop with the jokes and the nonsense - and it is a whole lot of fun.

At night after work we usually go for a drink, and then home for supper and an early night...the work is very demanding and tiring and by eight pm I am so ready for my bed.

I am getting stronger by the day - On Monday I couldn't lift a scuba cylinder off the floor - but today I've been loading them into the back of the flat bed truck. Also I was having real problems getting in and out of the sea whilst wearing all my kit...after a dive my little legs were like jelly and I couldn't walk !!!! Today I managed to climb a quayside ladder with all my kit on all by myself!!! Soon I will be like Garth!

I also managed to send some postcards home today.....

Having a ball...and loving every minute of it :)


  1. This sounds fabulous; so glad you're having fun! x

  2. Tracy I am so proud of you. Sounds like you are settling in nicely there and you look fab! brilliant mate! yay!
    c of l xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. you look soooo happy therfore i am !!
    got my postcard today thanking you darling

    La Trix xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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