Sunday 15 May 2011

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Well..hello there! Been a bit busy diving of late and not had much chance to post anything :) I would like to tell you about my injuries though. First of all - the bottom of the seam on my wetsuit leg has rubbed a hole in my ankle. It's very sore and I have to grit my teeth every time I get in the water as it stings like hell. Large amounts of sudocreme have been applied to the afflicted area - but so far..because it keeps getting's not healing. Then -there's the very painful calf muscle. I must be doing something wrong with my finning technique because the calf muscle on my left leg is sooooo sore! I cannot walk normally when I first get out of bed in the morning...but after a few minutes - it eases and I'm okay. Then there's the gammy right ear. It has been blocked now for three days, and must have something stuck in it - because it keeps dispensing the odd drop of water at random times...very odd!

I can however now exit the water at Chirkewaa harbour completely unaided - which is vast improvement on last week when I needed a huge fully grown man to hoist me out.

Yesterday I completed a 50 minute dive - carrying only 4kg and came out with 80bar. What the flipping 'eck does that mean???? - well basically it means that my diving is improving every day.

Yaaaaay :)

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  1. I am wincing at your ankle! Try warm olive oil in your ear maybe? Well done on the water exit - I can't get out of the damn swimming pool without a ladder...



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