Monday 9 May 2011

Love Malta ;)

Well - in case you didn't already know it - I have news for you. Malta is the land of the mysogynist. We'll...perhaps that's a bit strong...they don't actually 'hate' women over here - but they are seriously chauvenistic. Problem?...hmm..not sure yet. I'll let you know. Funnily enough - the worst offenders are the british ex-pats. There is a large ex-pat community over here - and girls - they're at least twenty years behind the guys in the UK. They really really think that women are good for sex, laundry and making the tea. Can you just imagine how that sits with me...?It's hilarious. For the first few days I vocalised my objections quite strongly (you don't say)...and then - after a particularly warm exchange between myself and the man who owns the local pub (fifty-something...divorced...comes from Watford...speaks with squeaky voice) I just decided to shut the hell up - and not bother. It was bit like fighting a massively losing battle. Somewhat akin to trying to teach somebody to play concert standard Beethoven on a piano using two lump hammers instead of ten digits. Pointless - and a tad frustrating :)

The chaps over here regularly involve themselves in their favourite past-time (story telling) - which involves desperately trying to out-do each other with tales of sexual prowess and diving-bravery. It is hilarious. Truly. I have never been so quiet. In my life. Ever.

I honestly don't know if the ex-pats here left the UK because they chose to - or if they were asked to leave :)

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