Wednesday 20 April 2011

I will miss my friends...

Just over a week to go. That's all. I've got the Twirlies coming on Friday morning to help me pack all my worldy belongings...and they're under strict instructions not say daft things like "are you sure you don't want to take this with you ?" which my reply will be unprintable but will carry the meaning.....'what use is a food processor and a set of Carmen rollers going to be to me in Malta?'

Tonight I'm going out to supper with Helen, tomorrow I'm out with Moya and Friday night I'm out with Jayne. Saturday night I'm bobbing down to Hazel's for a night with the FB girls. Next week I've got dentist's, doctors's...hopefully a night out with the Billster....Sunday lunch with Helen and Andrew....and then Monday night tea with Christian, Victoria and the girls. Seems that everybody wants to give me a great big send-off .......hmmm..maybe they want to make sure I don't come back!

I am so excited. But also a wee bit sad. I love all my friends and they are all a great source of support and happiness to me. I will miss them all so much. No-one more than the fabulous Fifi La Trix who is my dearest friend. I love them all.

...and my dearest darling Dan. But it's okay - she's already booked her flight and will be with me after I've been there for just over a month :)

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  1. Proud of you making the move! Embrace it and LURVE IT!! Will miss you lots but thanks to SKYPE eh! c of l x


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