Sunday 10 April 2011

Products I like

For those of you who have known me for some time - you will know that my hair is mousey. I don't mean that it squeaks and round around eating cheese...I mean that it's a crap brown colour. Totally uninspired and uninspiring. I dislike it muchly and am cross with God for  having been so mean when he has all the colours of a huge palette at his disposal.

A few years ago I visited my beloved cousin at his posh and swanky and arty farty London Salon and went bright white blonde...I loved it ....and have been that colour ever since (well - my HAIR has been that colour ever since - not me - that would just be odd....)

....Well - apart from a weird period last year when I went jet black for a few weeks as a kind of protest...but quickly went back to Blonde again when I realised that I looked even more like a witch than before....

Now we're skint - and trips to London and £150 hair-do bills are a thing of the past - we need to find an alternative - because no matter how much you tell me that it's for the best I AM NOT GOING BACK TO MOUSEY BROWN HAIR.

Today I found this product in Boots - came home - put on the rubber gloves (readers of a nervous disposition look away now) applied the gunk....and twenty minutes later had brilliant white-blonde hair again. I love it. I love it. I love it. And - what's more - it's only £5.99.

Result :)


  1. You spent £150 on a hair do? Oh my god! I'm astonished.

    How mad are you?

  2. Do you think that looking this fantastic comes cheap?

  3. I think you looked brill as a bubbly Brunette :-)


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