Saturday 14 July 2007

I miss my baby

Well, I've managed a whole week without my baby. I've cleaned up and it stayed clean. The fridge doesn't get raided and the washing machine thinks it's gone to a 2 day week!. The cat is on anti-depressants, and we are all missing her so much. I've spoken to her on the 'phone every day and she's had to learn very quickly about cooking pasta and potatoes!!! (actually I have taught her all that stuff - but she's forgotten!) Bugsy is fine too and is enjoying his new working life. She's off to one day event in Cheltenham on Wednesday and it will be the first one she's done without me - her head groom. I will be in Spain so I can't even go to watch her ride.

So far though, I haven't taken up Yoga or Knitting, or even 'Spanish for beginners', but there's still time.

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