Tuesday 10 July 2007

New tools

I'm a bit of a DIYer. I have my own tool kit and can manage (quite well) most jobs around the house. I can put up shelves, curtain rails, change washers on taps, have fitted an new ball valve on a toilet, and do all my own decorating. I have an extensive tool kit, and abide by the golden rule of tool owners which is 'NEVER lend tools out'. If anyone wants to borrow a tool of mine I would rather go and do the job for them - that way I know my tools will be looked after, and more importantly - returned to me!!! I've pretty much got one for everything, and like to have a look in the DIY store for new tools and gadgets!!! (It's sad I know)

I have my own drill which I've owned since I bought my first house in 1986, and it's still going strong - however it's not cordless. It does have a long cable and so I've never seen the need to buy a cordless version. Yesterday I decided I would like a power screwdriver, and ended up buying (they were on offer) a drill / screwdriver combination. I'm going to put up two saddle racks this morning and will be trying out the new-fangled drill. I don't actually believe deep down that it will be powerful enough to drill into the wall - but we'll see!!! I think I need to get out more.

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