Sunday 8 July 2007

Got to keep busy

Now that my baby has flown the nest, I'm at a bit of a loose end. We've been together every day for the past 18 months, and because we have the horses together we spend many hours with each other every day. Probably more than most mothers and teenage daughters. Quite frankly she's my best friend. I must be missing her because I've phoned my own mother three times in 24 hours (!)

Yesterday I had a BIG TIDY at the stables and brought loads of things home to launder and clean. Normally that would take me days if not weeks to complete - but already it's all done. Yesterday I made a list of 'things to do' which includes horrid jobs like "clean out fridge" and "clean windows". I'm already two thirds of the way down the list and it's only 6.05am on Sunday morning.

God only knows what I'm going to do with myself when I've completed everything on the list. Anyway, she called me three times yesterday and everything seems to be going okay. I'm expecting tears by about Wednesday (hers, not mine....mine are about every 5 minutes!)

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