Wednesday 11 July 2007

A few days away

I'm off to Caba Pino (near Puerto Banus) on Saturday until Wednesday. Dan's Dad has a house out there and needed somebody to accompany the boys on a flight. That'll be me then!!! Dan's Aunti Gill and Uncle Bob (who're lovely) will be there too so it should be fun. I hope that there won't be any issues with passports this time ( don't think I could go through all that again!).

I'm really looking forward to the break in the sun but it will feel a bit strange as Dan is usually there too. She is having fun in Gloucestershire - but working very hard and has fallen off the ramp to the muck trailer about six times. She keeps bashing her shins - ouch!

It feels like I'm going to Spain and abandoning her here alone in the UK. I can still speak to her on the 'phone - thanks to international roaming, and of course I will call her every day. I'm sure she'll be okay without me......she will, won't she?

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