Tuesday 10 July 2007

Embarrassing Parents (or parent!)

My Dad who lives in Spain with his partner of 18 years, Marrion, has just been over to the UK to visit my Grandma who lives in a nice home for the elderly in Sheffield. He stayed with my Mum (his ex-wife). They get on very well considering he left her twice during their marriage for other women. She (being very gracious) has forgiven him and they are now good friends. Imagine her shock then when after a few drinks on saturday night, he made a clumsy pass at her, and suggested they spend the night together for 'old times sake'!!! It wouldn't be so bad but they are both nearly 70 years old (do people still do the deed at 70?)

I don't get on very well with my Dad, although I love him, but he's very self-absorbed, and loves to be the centre of attention. He likes to be the one doing all the talking, and thinks he is the world authority on everything. When we were growing up he ruled our home with an iron fist, and now we often say what a lucky escape my Mum had. I take after my Dad in many ways and work very hard to try and limit the characteristics that I recognise in myself that came from him!!!

When she told me what he had done last night on the 'phone I was speechless. She thought it was very funny indeed, but I must admit to being completely horrified. Even after all these years and all the distress and pain he caused her during their marriage, he still refuses to treat her with the respect that she so richly deserves.

And what he thought he would be able to manage at the age of 70 with a bottle and half of red wine inside him is beyond imagination!!!

Needless to say she went to bed with a chair wedged up against the door.

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