Saturday 28 July 2007

Affiliated Dressage

Since Dan left home (sob!) I've had a lot more free time, and therefore have been able to do more riding and schooling with Phoebe. I always knew she was a good horse, but she's going from strength to strength. Even though she's middle aged - she's about 18 and there are approximately 3 horse years to one of ours - so at that reckoning she's about 54, she still works as if she's in her mid twenties, and at the peak of her fitness. She's very giving and always does whatever you ask of her. She's been so good in fact, that I've decided to affiliate. What on earth does that mean? Well, it means that I have joined us both in 'British Dressage' which is the governing body of the sport. It's a bit like the official football league as opposed to the Sunday League or some local competition. It means that we get to go to some much nicer venues to compete, and will be at competitions at the same time as people like Carl Hester although clearly not competing iin the same classes, although Olympic riders do take some of their younger horses and enter them in the lower classes as part of their training. Phoebe and I are going to try the slightly more difficult class of 'Novice' whereas before we alway entered the 'preliminary' classes.

We have to be able to do more extended trotting (legs flicking out more to the front with more impulsion from behind - more power but no more speed - yikes!) and some other more difficult steps and stuff!! It should be fun!!!! So we've increased our training schedule and so far everything I've asked of her she's given willingly - she's such a lady (I'm a lady!). Rightio, must dash...I've got to clean my saddle!!!

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