Thursday 28 May 2009

Richard Clayderman - PAH!

I have just been doing some Piano playing. Yesterday I had my lesson with Martin (Posselq calls him 'Martian' - which is funny - but not very apt as he's quite earthly really!). Anyway - we're making lots of progress. I love playing the Piano and it's something I have always wanted to do - and I have to tell you that I am quite diligent about my practice. I do at least two hours every day - not all at once - but half an hour here, then another twenty minutes there and so on and so forth. Anyway - by now I can do a very good rendition (with chords and everything) of quite a few tunes. (My favourite is "Can you feel the Love tonight?" from 'The Lion King")

My 'instrument' is an electric Piano - but it's a very good one and it feels like a piano - not some plasticky thing with badly weighted keys. It does lots of tricks but the instruction manual is complicated - very thick with lots of small writing! Yesterday I called into the Piano shop and asked the very nice young man to show me a few things that it can do - he did - I wrote it down in a notebook - came home - tried it out - it worked - result - a very happy camper.

This morning I have just gone and tried it again and I can't get anything to work!!!! Doh Doh Doh. So for the time being - it's back to just sounding like a Piano - and I'm getting no help with the automated left hand system!!!! (and that's not good!)

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