Wednesday 27 May 2009


My friend Nicola 'phoned this evening. Always good to have a natter. She was telling me about a 1661 incident which recently happened to her. What the flippin' 'eck is a 1661 incident?

Well, it's when you're walking down the street - and you look great from behind. A passing motor car (usually full of youffs - and probably an souped-up pseudo sports jobby) pips its hooter. Clearly the driver thinks that you're 16. 

It's only when they have driven past you - they turn around to cop a better look and sadly realise that you're closer to 61.

That's a 1661 moment.

Welcome to the world of the middle aged woman :)

(actually - it's never happened to me - although I did get the thumbs up from some young men last year whilst driving around a roundabout...the fact that I was wearing huge sunglasses and therefore they couldn't see my wrinkles probably had a lot to do with it...)

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