Wednesday 6 May 2009


Oops - something I forgot to mention. When I lit the fire last week to burn my smoking stuff I forgot to remove the fire balloon. The fire balloon is an inflatable clear plastic balloon which lives up the chimney and has a long tube so that you can place it about two feet up and then inflate it (non-return valve included!)  It's designed to stop draughts coming down the chimney and making us all chilly!

If you don't remove it - it gets hot - expands and then pops!!! POsselq is always reminding me about the fire balloon...but being a bit of a tit I forgot!!  Well it expand and burst - but it didn't go 'pop' it went 'BANG' and Millie shot backwards about fifteen feet into the kitchen. It was very shocking - but very funny.

I need to order another one from t'internet.

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