Wednesday 13 May 2009

Friends old and new

Today has been a great day for friends. My lovely lovely friend from Surrey came to see me today and we went to the pub and had Scampi for lunch...(you can take the girls out of the 'north.)..and we laughed about 'how sophisticated' Scampi used to be when we were girls!!!! In those days a posh meal out was a Berni Inn!

I also heard from a lovely old friend on Facebook - from some twenty odd years ago - last seen in 1991 - this chap used to make me laugh an awful lot - he was from Preston you see - and they're all dead funny up there. 

Then tonight I've been out to the pub (village pub!!) with my new friend who lives next door. She's only lived in the village of Mollington (twinned with Stepford) for a few weeks longer than me - and she doesn't know anyone either - so now we know each other - mind you we did come last in the pub quiz - we were absolutely crap - and I mean crap! But we're going to make a weekly habit of going to the Local Village Pubs around here until we find one that we like...("this is a 'local pub' for 'local people'...we don't want any trouble here")......

Anyway - off to bed now - should sleep well - I've had some gin :)

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