Friday 1 May 2009

Lance Armstrong? Pah !

Have just got back from a bike ride. Posselq took the time to explain the gearing on my new bike to me over the 'phone so I kind of knew what I was doing. Coming back into the Village I managed to get a good 150 yards further than the "Welcome to Mollington - Twinned with Stepford" sign - which if you remember from yesterday was as far as my little sausage like legs could propel me - however - with the correct gearing I got a bit further!!!! Imagine the hilarity when as I got off my legs simply gave way beneath me and I ended up in a crumpled sweaty heap with new bike on top of me! I almost lost an eye with the brake lever!!! Nobody said this cycling lark was as dangerous and risky as it is.

I want to go back to sofa, fags and gin xx

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