Thursday 12 February 2009

Naughty yellow dog

NWD has just been out in the garden. Then NWD wouldn't come back in again. Normally she goes racing round for a few minutes - does a wee - and then comes flying back because she knows it's breakfast time. This morning, however - she decided to go for a wee run (wee, run....get it?) around the complete perimeter of the garden. I've said this before - but our garden is quite large - so that's the canine equivalent of Paula Radcliffe just before she wees. (there's a wee theme building here!)

So after five minutes I nip outside in fluffy pink dressing gown and slippers and shout her very quietly (I have to 'shout' her quietly because people are sleeping in the main house - so the 'shout' becomes a very aggressive whisper...has to be heard to be believed). 

Anyway still no response - no racing patter of little white feet and claws.

Plan B. Plan b involves metal dog food bowl and fork. Fork banged on side of metal dog food bowl usually gets great results within nano seconds. I have to tell you - that this too, failed. 

By now I have shoes on and am preparing for 'garden search'. Garden search usually brings poor results - because if she doesn't come back for 'bowl and fork' she's usually half way to the Garden Centre. This morning, however, I am pleased to report that 'Garden Search' resulted in NWD being found by the big bins with her little white head in a brown paper carrier (of the Indian take-away variety).  I called her name - and she removed her head from the offending receptacle to show me her now bright yellow - curry stained - face. Then she let out an almighty burp.

I would take a picture and post it on here - but my cameras have all been packed away for the move - so you will just have to imagine NWD with bright yellow tumeric stains right up to her ears. 

Oh dear - poor Millie - I can feel a bath of epic proportions coming on :(

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