Wednesday 11 February 2009

Boxes...Boxes...Boxes,,,,and a trip to the Tip

The packing's going well - thanks for asking. I've been to the DIY store and bought a load of those plastic boxes with lids (on offer - we love a bargain). Then I googled 'tip near Weybridge' and found one just a couple of miles away - I needed no more encouragement!!!

Earlier today I took and chucked away about twenty big bin bags of 'stuff'. More tomorrow morning - before a farewell lunch with Lisa and Emma and little-legs Phoebe at GBK (yaaaay!)

Tomorrow night I'm off to London to see Cirque again and then out for farewell dinner with 'them from the big house' at The Minnow on Friday night (after lovely farewell lunch with Trish!)

By Saturday morning (moving day) I should just about be sorted. (Harrumph)

What I had completely missed is that Saturday is Valentine's day - so I'm moving in with a lovely man on St Valentine's Day - probably doesn't get any more romantic than that.....?  

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