Monday 9 February 2009

Bin Bags Required - update

Okay - well would you just look at the time!! I've been at this packing malarkey now for about three hours or so - give or take thirty minutes to eat my dinner - and I'm whacked. I cannot believe how much trash one person can accumulate in three years. I've been 'doing' the kitchen drawers. So far I have found my old mobile phone (and charger) which I loved - so the sim card is getting switched over and we're taking a retrograde step - so many keys to so many doors (I have no clue as to what key is for what door) - being completely anal (I never knew that I was) I have discovered the instruction books for every piece of electrical equipment that I have bought in the last three years...mind you I don't think my Anne Summers Rabbit had an instruction book - but saying that if you actually need an instruction book for that then it's time to give up don't you think?

MIllie was thrilled when I discovered a forgotten stash of doggie treats at the back of the cupboard - and then totally devastated when I read the 'use-by' date and decided to throw them all away. She's no longer speaking to me.

I am taking my Goerge Foreman grill and my egg-poaching pan - oh yes and my three tier vegetable steaming pan - but all my other pans are staying behind for the next lucky can just imagine the comments can't you? "OOOh look - a ten year old frying pan - how fantastic!"

I haven't even started on my clothes yet - but what a fantastic excuse to throw away all those holey (holy?) grey cotton knickers that have been cluttering up my undie drawer for ever (I can just hear my Mum saying "they'd make great dusters"...I think not!

It's very cathartic and a wonderful excuse for de-cluttering - let's all live a minimal lifestyle from now on!!!

It's going to take me forever to unpack it all at the other end - I just hope my new housemate (!) is patient!!!

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