Wednesday 18 February 2009

Frisky Phoebe

Okay - so here's how it is. Horse ownership in the winter is a bit of a mire. Phoebe has been stood in her new stable for the last 48 hours (ever since she arrived on Monday). She can't be turned out yet as she's in quarantine - and anyway the fields are very wet here in Mollington.

Later this afternoon I have to ride her. It's okay because the new yard has an indoor school (safest option) but she's bound to be a bit 'frisky'. I don't like it when my horse is 'frisky' because I simply don't 'do' frisky horses. I like my men frisky but I like my horses a bit dopey!!! She's never been in the indoor school at this yard before - cue much snorting and blowing and spooking - and she's bound to be a bit on-her-toes. It's going to be fun and I think I ought to wear my brown jodphurs. I'll write an update later and let you know how I got on!!!!

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