Tuesday 16 March 2010

Dive adventures in Gozo

I've just had a few days away. In Gozo. Where's that?, near Malta - that's where. You fly into Malta and then hop on the ferry, 25 minutes later...you are in Gozo! I went to dive with my old pal Julian who I've known for nigh on sixteen years. He went away a long time ago....a few months ago found him on facebook (as you do) and discovered he was a diving instructor. This is a picture of him struggling to get into a dry suit that was a wee bit too small :) There are more photographs here. He works here and clearly diving is what they do. I have the opportunity to go back for the summer to qualify firstly as a divemaster, and then as an Assistant Instructor. I've had a brilliant time, and met some really great people (nice people these divers), but am still a tad undecided as to if I should go or not. The weather was pants!!! It rained every day and was very chilly...mind you the water was a lot warmer than at Stoney Cove......

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