Tuesday 30 March 2010

My friend Liz

I have a special friend called Liz. That wasn't her name when I first met her - but that's a whole other story. I met her via somebody else - and the first time we met I got quite drunk and broke a wine glass. Funnily enough this must have struck a chord with her - because from that moment on we got on like a house on fire. She likes a drink or two does Liz!!! We had a day Christmas shopping together last November (2008)- which was a blast - and from that day on we've been really good pals.

Anyway I am writing about her because she said to me today that I hadn't ever written anything about her. I explained that I don't often mention people by name on here - because it's a sensitive thing - people might not want stuff about them splashed all over t'internet for any random Joe somewhere in the world to read (clearly I don't mind that!) But she said that she would actually like to get a mention.

I have a lot of pals - as you may know - and over the last few weeks they have all been brilliant - supportive, caring, and there for me. But Liz - well Liz has been amazing. She has called me every day without fail since the 6th January. (Actually she called me nearly every day for a full year before that too). She has offered support, ideas, a shoulder to cry on - and have given me a stern word or two when I have needed it. She has never wavered in her support and care - and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank her for all she has done and how she has been.

She is also quite mad - and very very funny. Every time I talk to her she makes me laugh out loud - usually more than once - and even in my darkest moments she has managed to cheer me up, and made me see sense.

So Liz I salute you, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.xx

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