Wednesday 31 March 2010

My lovely friends

In my last post I talked about Liz. I have other friends - and all of them - to a man (or woman) have been fantastic over the last few weeks as I have been going through many, many changes in my little old life. They have listened, and helped and cheered me on and cheered me up. Since I came back to Sheffield last week - every single one of my old friends - who have been kind of neglected over the last few years since I ran away to London - have all been in touch - and welcomed me back with open arms. So here's a list of people who love me, care for me, have supported me recently and who I would like to publicly thank......Lisa, Alex, Moya, Helen and Andrew, Pete Le Gite, Deepak, Garry, Sheldon, Fifi la Trix and Sean, Jacqui, Patsy, Jopa, Su, Cressie, Jim and Marina, Christian and Victoria, Darling Dan, Helen and Ernie, Dennis Carr (Superstar) Nicola and Trish. I haven't had to spend one evening alone so far - and have spent many happy hours in the company with those who I love - or spent many hours gassing on the phone with others. (no, really? you don't say!)

My Mum - bless her heart - has taken me in and made me welcome, fed me, and looked after me and Millie. My Auntie Mimi has phoned me every single morning to tell me how wonderful I am - and how I can do anything that I want - and how special she thinks I am.

I have many people in my life who have known me for what seems like for ever, and who (for some unexplained reason) love me to bits. I will never stop counting the blessings that are my dear dear friends. I am surrounded by love and care and am never, ever alone xx

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