Thursday 25 March 2010

Belvoir letting agents are shite

I have been to see the tenants in my little house today. I had to ask them to move out, because I want to move back in. Apparently Belvoir - who manage the letting on my behalf - haven't been passing messages on. AND - when the tenant moved in they took six months rent up front from them!...and they told the tenant that I insisted on that as a condition of them moving in! Bloody Cheek.

I am now dealing with the tenant directly and they have agreed to pay the rent in cash!!! (yippee) - directly to me. They have agreed to move out - and although I have to give them 2 month's notice - they have agreed to look for somewhere straight away. The tenants and I are now firm friends and tomorrow morning I am calling in at Belvoir's offices to give them a huge big f**k off tablet which I hope they swallow without water! My goodness, I am going to raise the roof :)

(I'll probably end up being arrested!)

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  1. Does this mean you are moving back to Sheffield?

    Hurray!! :-)


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