Monday 31 August 2009

My name is Michael Caine......

On Saturday night we watched 'The Italian Job'...that is the proper version, the original, the masterpiece.  I love that movie. I won't bore you with all the quotes - apart from the obvious one of course - "you're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off" which Posselq keeps saying at every given opportunity....(In a minute I'm going to have to kill him).

I noticed people in the movie that I hadn't realised were in it - ie Benny Hill (!) and Henry McGee. We had the Blue Ray version and it comes with a documentary where all the actors who played in the film are interviewed - so that was another hour's viewing.

If you haven't seen the movie for a while I suggest you watch it again - it's fab :) A complete romping adventure with humour and the feel good factor running all the way through it.

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