Monday 31 August 2009

Nipple trauma

Readers of a nervous disposition - look away now.....

I have just come downstairs after a wee nap (middle age) wearing my dressing gown. While Posselq was making the salad dressing for lunch I just happened to notice a hair on my nipple!!!! Quelle Horreur!!! It wasn't just any old hair - no - it was a double thickness, wiry, curly one - and what's more it had two strands coming from the same follicle instead of just the usual one.

I showed it to Posselq - and I have to say that showing him my nipple on a Monday lunchtime would usually bring about results of the bedroom variety - but today - alas not - he just offered (very kindly) to pull it out for me. So long was the hair that he was able to wrap it around his finger.....

Anyway - after he had found his spectacles - he grabbed hold of said hair - yanked it out and promptly twatted me one on the end of my nose in the process.

I love Posselq,  I love my hairless nipple and I do so love being middle aged :) 

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