Monday 10 August 2009

Village Post Office

I've just been to the new Village Post office at Cropredy (pronounced Crop-er-dy) to do a return parcel for Posselq. He ordered something off t'net and it didn't fit. I needed proof of postage.

Going into the new sub-post office was hilarious. It's actually a 2 foot square section of the counter at the village store - I arrived at 1.57pm to be told that as the Post Office was closed until 2pm they couldn't serve me. 

The lady on the counter and I both stood and waited for 3 minutes exactly - then  she moved the massive distance of eighteen inches up to the "Post Office" section of the shop counter and proceeded to serve me.

Because the Post Office section is new and she is just a lowly shop assistant - (albeit a dab hand at serving hot pasties and half bottles of whisky) the poor woman had to consult the Manual. The manual was so large that I had to remove my parcel from the counter to give her the room she needed. She duly found instructions on page 173 - but not before she had read fully pages 1 - 172. It felt a bit like living through an episode of 'League of Gentlemen'.

This is a local shop for local people. We don't want any trouble here:)

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