Wednesday 5 August 2009

The Journey

Life's funny isn't it? It has its ups and downs, it's left and right turns - it's happy times and disappointments. It contains heartbreak and joy - and trial and tribulations (oh what a cliche!). What do you do when it's tough? You lace up your boots and you keep walking through the forest - eventually you will reach a sunny glade where you can rest a while - maybe share some special moments with a special someone - gather your strength for the next part of the journey. You live, you walk, you learn. You love. That's it really - in a nutshell. No more - no less. Enjoy the walk, enjoy the scenery, enjoy the trees and the fresh air. Bask in the sunshine. When it rains - know that it will stop soon - and that the rain is necessary for things to grow. Remember that it's your walk - your journey - you choose your path - you choose when to stop and rest a while - you choose the direction - you choose when to take the high road - where it's hilly and bumpy and hard going - and you can choose to take the low road - it takes longer - but it's easier. You can always change your route - and you can always change your speed, you can always stop for a while and rest, have a good look around at all the beauty and decide which way to go next. You will get there in the end xx

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