Friday 17 July 2009

Dogs and Chickens don't mix :(

Last night we took Millie into the garden to introduce her to the chickens. The lady at the chicken place had told me to hold the chicken above the dog's head and slowly bring her down to the dog's level - all the while keeping a strong hold on the dog. Apparently if the chicken comes at the dog from above - the dog is more likely to be wary. Great in theory. However - very naughty white dog (who was being held very firmly by Posselq) - quick as a flash - grabbed a big piece of the chicken's skin and ripped it straight off. It was awful. The poor chicken now has a completely skinless breast (I know - you can get a skinless chicken breast in Tesco), and is feeling quite sorry for herself. There was a tiny bit of blood - not much - but now the poor thing has literally no skin on an area of about 4 square inches. 

I felt soooo guilty. This morning I have got her out of the hen house (I thought she may well be dead by morning) and she is free-ranging with the other two. But she doesn't look happy. We shall have to wait and see how she gets on and if she makes a full recovery - which will involve re-growing the big piece of skin that is now missing.

Bad Dog !

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