Thursday 16 July 2009

Chicken update

After their initial 24 hour 'settling in' period the girls are now officially 'Free Range'. I am sitting here at the kitchen table watching them ferret round the garden - and Viola has just eaten a worm!!! Viola is the little white one - and I was told by the lady at the chicken shop that she was the most timid - yesterday that was true - but today she was first out into the big wide world that is our garden before the other two could shake a leg!!

Esmerelda (the black one) quickly followed her and then came Valentine - down the ramp and away. I let them roam for ten minutes then put Millie on the lead and took her for a little walk round the edge of the garden so she could see the girls and they could see her. Millie just wanted to play with the new friends but the girls were having none of it!!!

I can see that the chicken / dog integration thing is going to take a wee bit of time!

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