Friday 14 September 2007

Foot and Mouth update

We are now officailly in the main restricted zone and will be for some time to come, I fear. This means no animal movement whatsoever - we can't even go off the yard to hack out. There is a big red sign at the end of our road saying that Weybridge is in a "Foot and Mouth Area" and we are all wearing bells and chanting 'unclean, unclean'. We have to spray our vehicles at the yard and dip our feet. I can think of a few people with suspect cloven hooves who should be culled- but I'd better not say who!!!

Because we were so disappointed last night we decided (LIsa, Dee and I) to go to Gourmet Burger Kitchen in Walton to commiserate (Geoff came too). If you've never had a GBK burger you really must...they're awesome. I had a blue cheese version, which is a huge beef burger with a fabulous sicky blue cheese sauce...they're delicious. So I feel a bit better about missing my competition on Saturday!!!

I may go to the competition tomorrow and watch a few other people ride, then tell myself that "I would have ridden that bit better than she did!!!" which I'm sure will help!!! I can come home with an 'imaginary rosette' which I can then show to my imaginary friends.

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