Sunday 16 September 2007

Don't call me OLD..because you're fat and stupid!!

Yesterday - Saturday - was quite a good day. Phoebe had her 1st haircut of the Autumn and stood stock still all the way through it - making life very easy for me! Dan 'phoned to say that the horse she had been to try with Bruce was lovely and ideal for what she needs...which is all good news - apart from the fact that she's called 'Hazel". Who on earth would call a horse "Hazel'? I thought calling a horse 'Phoebe' was bad enough...but 'Hazel? It reminds me of a librarian. Dan's Dad rang to see if I could arrange a couple of riding lessons for the boys next door, which I did, and they thoroughly enjoyed - then surprise, surprise, he had a ride on Phoebe, and was actually quite good. (I didn't tell him that she's often a bit frisky just after clipping!) Last night I cooked dinner (what? Tracy? cook?) and the boys said it was yummy. Then we had a some fireworks and I wrote my name with a sparkler!!!

The only bad thing that happened was a little altercation with a new girl on our yard. That's what the title is about. I know that it sounds like the header for a Jeremy Kyle show - but hear me out. Tensions have been rising over the last few days due to one reason or another - I won't bore you with the details - suffice to say none of it was anything to do with me. She feels that everybody on our yard is unfriendly, unhelpful, and bitchy. I must pass comment on these allegations and say that they are patently untrue. Everyone gets on very well and apart from the odd spat about who bought the last packet of biscuits we all rub along quite nicely. That is quite rare on a livery yard - because you have a number of women together, and that always spells trouble!!! Don't take my word for that - the proof of the pudding as they say...most of the people on the yard have been there for ages, once they arrive, they tend to stay. That in itself is unusual, as most yards have quite a high turnover of livery clients. It's not a cheap yard, so there has to be good reason to stay, and we all agree it's because the facilities are very good, and everyone gets on so well. However she clearly doesn't think so and on Friday night she was in a bit of a strop about a horse being left out on it's own and for some reason had a go at was a bit of a bark, during which I remained calm, but she shouted!!! So yesterday morning I asked her -very politely if she would refrain from talking to me in that manner ever again. She lost it again (!) and called me a....wait for it....."Nasty OLD woman!!!" Straight away I came back with the reply..."DON'T CALL ME OLD!" (Very witty and a clearly well thought out response!!) I was so cross I nearly ran her over with my wheelbarrow. The 'Nasty' I can cope with, but 'OLD?" I was gutted. I wanted to tell her that she was fat and stupid, but being MATURE I didn't.

You may think I'm being harsh calling her fat and stupid, but each time she gets on her horse it keeps throwing her on the floor and she keeps getting back on...ergo...stupid, and the fat bit ...well, it kind of speaks for itself. Lets just say that she would be probably be too large to model for next year's "Simply Be" catalogue. Then she said "what are you going to do now, write about me on your blog?". Her words were so very wounding!!!! So the answer to that is "yes' and here it is!!! She was due to leave in the next few days and go to another yard (huge sigh of relief) but because of the foot and mouth restrictions she has to stay until all that's cleared up. Come on Goverment, hurry up!!!

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