Friday 14 September 2007

More Foot and Mouth news

I don't know if I mentioned the goats before? The lady who owns the stables next door to ours has some goats and they live next door to our outdoor arena. Many a 'near miss' accident has happened when the goats leap about as the horses ride's quite scarey...and many's the time that we've wished the goats weren't there. Goats have cloven hooves and therefore are now on Defra's hit-list, along with the resident cow, and some other animals. These animals are pets belonging to her children, and she has been informed that she will find out tomorrow if they have to be slaughtered. It's very sad, very sad indeed. We are praying for a quick resolution to this latest foot and mouth outbreak. These animals are showing no symptoms, will never ever leave the premises, and graze the same paddocks day after day. They just happen to be within the protection zone authorised by Defra, and for this they will have to die. I know that farmers are losing their herds, and their income, but for children to lose their pets is awful too.

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