Friday 15 December 2006

Small improvements

I decided after looking at the photographs from the dressage at the weekend that the saddle fitter may need to adjust my saddle (I know, a poor workman and all that...) anyway he came on Tuesday and altered a few things. The result is that (the technical bit) my position is now straighter and my lower leg is more secure (no flapping about). I have a lesson booked today for 1pm, so I'll let you know if the improvement makes any difference.

Last night we rode in the menage with our good friend Emma and her horse Sovereign, who threw her on the floor on Saturday - so she required a nanny!!! Sovereign is like a male version of Phoebe and the two of them really like each other. aaaah bless!!! They have their stables opposite each other and are always whinnying and snickering to each other.

Now I'm more confident in the cantering we keep doing it all the time and Phoebe is a bit confused because previously it was just a few strides and then we'd stop and go back to doing something more sedate. Now we just keep going!!! She wants to stop because she's tired and I just keep kicking her forward. Will wonders never cease?

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