Sunday 10 December 2006


Today has been just about the best day ever. I took my lovely Phoebe to a dressage competition at Merrist Wood in Guildford. After last time I was a bit nervous about loading her onto the trailer, and even more nervous about the dreaded cantering.

This week I have had some lessons from Angie, and Emma, 2 trained instructors who keep their horses at the same yard as me. Our usual instructor has broken her ankle after falling down a flight of stairs (drunk?)

Well, I can't begin to tell you the difference they have made to my riding and my confidence!!! It's been fantastic. A few simple hints and tips to do with the thighs (honestly!!!) and my cantering is transformed. It's now rythmical, and more importantly I can control the speed and the downward transition to trot - which previous was a complete shambles and invloved me nearly going straight over Phoebe's head.

We did a lovely test and I scored 0.8% of a mark less than Dan!!! I'm usually about 20% behind her. Of course - she said it's because Bugsy wasn't feeling his usual self etc etc (excuses). I didn't come last - in fact I was nowhere near last, and I am absolutely as pleased as punch. Dan isn't!!! If you check back again tomorrow I'll put a link to the photos of me and Phoebe in our finest hour!!!!

Afterwards I tied Phoebe to the trailer and she just stood there munching her way through a haynet for 2 hours until we were ready to go home. She's such a good girl.

I'll say it again - the more time I spend with my horse the less I like people!!!!

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