Sunday 24 December 2006

I've got my Lobster

Well, that's it then - all the xmas food shopping is done. M&S opened at 9.15 for people to load up their trolleys, and I was 1st in the queue when the checkout opened at 10am. I was waiting 15 minutes before the till opened, but was chatting away to a very nice man in the next aisle as he waited also!!!

Then I braved Tesco for cough medicine, sudocreme (Phoebe's legs) and sponges (clean one required every time you bathe her poorly legs). Actually it wasn't too bad and everybody was being really polite with their trolleys - no trolley rage stories for you today!!! the checkout queues were long - but the staff were lightening quick, and they had packers on each aisle to hurry things along a bit.

All in all then, nowhere near as bad as I thought it might be. I even managed to get a parking space quite close to the doors!!!


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