Sunday 24 December 2006

Fighting in Tesco

I haven't seen any fights in Tesco yet - but there's bound to be some today!!! I have to go there today, and M&S of course to get my festive food. I'm hoping to get a lobster for my xmas dinner, but when I went to M&S yesterday they didn't have any, and the young girl (obviously Xmas extra staff) looked at me blankly when I asked if they'd be having any more in. This morning will see me parked up outside at 9.30 waiting for them to open at 10am. I was hoping to avoid the Tesco store today, but seeing as I have woken up with a sore throat, runny nose, tickly cough (isn't this holiday all about winter illnesses and half price sofas from DFS?) I will need to go in there and purchase numerous cold/flu remedies to see me through (and maybe some immodium!!!)

I may also have to call the vet, as poor beloved Phoebe has the worst case of Mud fever that anyone on the yard has ever seen. Mud fever is caused by a nasty little bacteria which lives in the mud and thrives in wet conditions. The wet weather weakens the skin around the horse's heels and tiny scratches allow the bacteria to enter. Once the infection has taken hold, it creates swelling, nasty scabs, and great discomfort. The hair tends to fall out in clumps too - very nasty. Poor Phoebe has legs like an elephant, and now requires the hair shaving off and careful washing with Hibiscrub, careful drying (it must be kept dry), and then treating with sudocreme or some such preparation. It can take weeks to heal and careful twice daily nursing is required. Sometimes the vet needs to administer an antibiotic injection, Sunday / Xmas Eve call Vet call-out charges will apply, and that will mean the end of my Christmas bonus!!!

Our Office Christmas party went well on Wednesday night, and the family xmas dinner on Thursday (the one with the chef) was lovely. Mind you the Chef and butler were decidely lacking in humour, and looked quite scarey, especially with carving knife in hand!!!

Dan set off for Sheffield on Friday and the rest of the tribe are leaving today. Yesterday my brother and his girlfriend arrived back from Thailand, and called to collect their car before heading back to Nottingham.

I'll let you know how I get on at Tesco this morning, and I'll keep you updated on the Phoebe / bad legs / will she call the vet? scenario. Mind you the vet is rather dishy, but even I realise that he's a bit young for me. .......It's coming to something when the vets are 20 years too young.

Ho hum......


  1. Eat the horse!!!

    You will save on vet bills and it will be a nice cheap Christmas lunch.

  2. Eat the horse!!!

    You will save on vet bills and it will be a nice cheap Christmas lunch.


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