Wednesday 19 October 2011


Today I bought myself something. It wasn't expensive (about 13 quid) but it is worth ten times that to me. I live in very basic circumstances and the onslaught of the cold weather has made me grumpy. I have no efficient heating you see and after living for four months in the heat of the med earlier in the year...the cold has been a bit of a shocker to the system. Here in the Fens it bites early...and last night I was so cold in bed...despite the extra fleecy blanket...the joggers..the hoody and the scarf (I kid you not)...that I had to move a mattress into the living area of my accommodation where it is a few degrees warmer....I couldn't get to sleep because I was soooo cold.

Today I hot-footed (don't you just love how I did that?...'hot'...'footed'..) it down to Whit's very own hardware store and purchased a heater. Of the fan variety.

Now it's so warm in here that I am sweating and have the stirrings of a headache. I have stripped off to a t-shirt and shorts...but I AM NOT TURNING IT I will open a window and the door...and let Jack Frost run all over my wee little body before I will turn it off - or even turn it down.

For the very first time in about 6 days I can honestly say that I am warm...Oh joy of joys. Joy of deepest joys.

PS. I also ordered an electric blanket from Amazon. When that arrives I will be delirious.

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