Monday 17 October 2011

Weekend report's all been going on around here. Actually that opening phrase makes things sound a tad more exciting than they really are...but it's been okay. Actually better than okay - but we don't want to gild the lily more than is necessary :)

I've had a lovely weekend with a Gentleman Caller. (About time). When I say 'weekend' I mean that we shared the afternoon on Saturday and then most of the day on Sunday. We certainly didn't share Saturday night (as in 'over night'). Cue 'harrumphing and straightening of cardigan'...we don't go in for that kind of shenanigans until later...much later....(if at all).

Anyway - he's very nice. I like him quite a lot. However...I don't know him very well yet - and we're completely aware that people only show their good side to begin with (of course that's not a problem for me because I only have as good side :).

We spent Saturday mooching around in Peterborough - drinking coffee - and having a wander - including through the doors of Peterborough Cathedral...which satisfied my love for beautiful old buildings and ancient craftmanship (it's a very beautiful building)...then found our way into the Lakeland store (you did what?.....oh how sexy!)....well..I am 48...and I love Lakeland! Then spent a while browsing through Waterstones bookshop. On Saturday night we went for a curry here in Whit...which gave us the chance to have a proper conversation (OH I do like a good conversation).

Yesterday we did some research on the tinterweb and decided to travel to a nearby local town to visit a National Trust property...sadly - when we got there - it was shut. So we went for coffee...browsed a department store (I purchased a very natty little ensemble of gloves, hat and scarf in a very fetching purple colour)....and then went for Sunday lunch here in Whittlesea (throbbing metropolis that it is).

Then it was time for my friend to leave. Verdict? A very nice weekend...some intelligent conversation.....quite a few mirth moments....nice food.....a great camper van (yes - he has a
camper van!!!)

Will I be seeing him again? I hope so. That would be nice.

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