Saturday 7 June 2008

What a day !

It started well enough with a 6.30am visit to Phoebe. I'm never normally the one who gives her her breakfast so that made a pleasant change. Then after I had mucked her out I had to hi-tail it into Kingston - taking care to stick to the speed limit of 30mph all the you have any idea how difficult it is to stick to 30mph when the roads are empty? I have to attend a speed awareness course in three weeks time (instead of accepting 3 penalty points on my already murky driver's licence) so my speed awareness talents are being honed on a daily basis.

I arrived at work at 7.30am to set up for a big in-house event that was taking place today. Millie was with me so I had to tie her to an office chair - the chair had wheels so she was off dragging it round the office :) Very funny indeed. I didn't manage to get away from the office until after twelve thirty as I had another totally un-related issue to deal with.

Then I had to call at the horse supplies store in Hersham to buy shavings - due to the fact that I've been so busy this week I forgot to order any for delivery...doh! It was great just loading the heavy bales into the back of my big girl's truck...well actually it was great watching the man from the store loading them into the back of my big girl's truck - I'm a bit weedy to be doing that kind of stuff without assistance!!

Then I went home for a nap - lovely!! After I woke up I went to the yard and spent some quality time with my horse. When I've been at work with people, and talking to people, and e mailing people, and texting people all week, it's just really nice to spend some time without any people talking to me or at me, or over me, or about me, or trying to communicate with me in any way whatsover...and just 'being' with Phoebe. (I left my mobile and my crackberry in the car) She never says a word but she makes more sense than anybody else I know!

When I got home I went for a run with Millie - Millie's legs are about a tenth of the length of mine but she manages to keep up with me!!!

Then, when I got home, after a nice phone conversation with a good friend, I had the ultimate dinner. Bacon, sausage, tomatoes and fried eggs - with HP sauce of course!!! Perfect.

Now I'm off for a shower and then I'm going to bed.

What a lovely day!

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